We can provide qualified interpreters and bilingual native speakers in all languages.
If you book far enough in advance, we can organize an agenda based on the subject of the meeting and plan the session for optimum results.

Types of interpretation Services

Interpretation link up
The interpreters on the link up make sure that there is a fluid conversation between several people speaking in two different languages. This type of interpreting service is ideal for small meetings and get-togethers.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation allows the listener to hear a translation in their own language of the speech, or lecture etc, in real time. As soon as the interpreter hears part of the speech, they must start to translate it into the listener‚s language. The process is carried out by technical equipment such as headphones, listening posts, and table or clip-on microphones, all of it installed in cabins.

Consecutive Interpretation
With consecutive interpretation the interpreter translates the speech into the listener‚s language taking advantage of the pauses and natural breaks that the speaker makes. To achieve this they normally take notes.