We deal with a great variety of translations in any subject matter: business, advertising, literary, medical, technical, legal and sworn documents. Whatever the original language, we can always supply a faithful and accurate translation into the language of your choice.

We can present your documents in any computer format (Access, Excel, Word, Dbase, Powerpoint, Acrobat, etc.)

How to order a Translation
  1. Send us the document you need to have translated, either by e-mail or by fax.
  2. We'll prepare a quote detailing the estimated number of lines, price and delivery date, withoutasking for any compromise from your side.
  3. To confirm the booking, we ask you to return the quote to us, signed and stamped, along with either your bank details or proof of a bank transfer for 100% of the estimated amount.
  4. Upon completion of the job, we will send you an invoice for the outstanding balance.


See Prices for translation orders of more than 25 pages


Translation: Fees per word




sworn translations

Basque, Brasilian, Catalan, english, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish

0.08 €

0.09 €

0.12 €

25.00 €

Danish, Dutch, flaemish, Norvegian, Swedish

0.10 €

0.11 €

0.13 €

30.00 €

Arabic, Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Cheque, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Latin, Litauien, Persian, Polish, Rumanian, Russian, Serbo-croatian, Slovak, Slowenic, Turkish, Ukrainian

0.11 €

0.14 €

0.22 €

40.00 €

Urgency additional charge (delivery in less than 24h): + 50 %
VAT not included. Special prices for agents.
Handling fees: 0.00 € per language (sworn translations 0.00 € )